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Portable devices we like.

Selecting the proper mobile device for inflight use can be a challenge; there are many variables to consider and many of these are quite personal in nature. In order to give you some idea, we have created a list of what our preferred devices at this time are. These devices are guaranteed to work OK with our software.

Android logo.

Android devices.

Many of the modern Android-based devices will be able to run EasyVFR and AirspaceAVOID, but the ones listed below have certainly gotten our attention. Especially Samsung have a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions; you'll always find a match for your needs!

One. Google Nexus 7.
A very affordable & high performance Android device with a delightful 7 inch display.
Two. Samsung Galaxy Note II.
A very nice & clever Android device with a pleasant 5.3 inch AMOLED or 10.1 inch display.
Three. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.
With a pleasantly large 8.9 inch display.
Three. Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5.
Android cell phones, both with AMOLED 4.5 inch displays that can do a great job!


Apple logo.

Apple devices.

More of an Apple-adept? These devices are also very fine for running EasyVFR, provided you have the GPS-equipped version! If you happen to have a non-GPS version you'll need an external GPS receiver, which connects via BlueTooth.

One. Apple iPad 3 and later.
With its 9.7 inch display perhaps fairly large for many a cockpit, but certainly fine for flight planning,
One. Apple iPad Mini.
If the regular iPad is just a tad too big for your cockpit, consider this 7.9 iPad.
Two. Apple iPhone 4 or later.
Easily fits any shirt pocket, and always provides a proper PocketFMS experience,

Top 3 Car Navigation devices.

PLEASE NOTE: PocketFMS Desktop and PocketFMS Mobile are considered obsolete and unsupported.
They have been replaced with the EasyVFR software for a far wider range of systems.

Many Car Navigation (CarNav) devices can be used with PocketFMS, prices range from €70 to €400 or more. These devices have a built-in GPS receiver, so you only need this one device. The CarNav device *must* be a Windows CE device.

One. Navigon 8410 / 8450.
With a bright & beautiful 5" capacitive screen and great performance. The 8450 comes with internet functionality.
Two. Navigon 8110 / 8310.
With a brilliant 4.8" 16:9 screen, sturdy design, and a battery life of well over 2 hours. An 8110 can be upgraded to an 8310 using the Navigon Live software.
Three. Navigon 6310 / 6350.
Still a Navigon, but more affordable. The 6350 comes with internet functionality.


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